Gifford’s Ice Cream Flavor Honors New England Patriots and Their Hardworking Fans

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Gifford’s Ice Cream Flavor Honors New England Patriots and Their Hardworking Fans

Introducing “Dough Your Job”

SKOWHEGAN, Maine – August 29, 2019 – Last month, Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream was named the Official Ice Cream of the six-time world champion New England Patriots. To celebrate, the Maine ice cream company announced it would create a custom flavor to join its line of 25 existing flavors in honor of the team and its fans. The fifth-generation ice cream maker quickly got to work running all kinds of flavor options. Patriots fans got a first taste of the new ice cream flavor — Dough Your Job — at the Aug. 29th preseason game against the New York Giants at Gillette Stadium and had fun at a Gifford’s ice cream tailgate event.

“‘Do Your Job’ has become a beloved mantra for our franchise and fans and we are thrilled to see Gifford’s celebrate the phrase that has long been associated with our championship tradition,” said Murray Kohl, vice president of sales for Kraft Sports + Entertainment. “Gifford’s did their job by making this great new flavor and now it’s time for our fans to do their job and enjoy this new ice cream just in time for the 2019 season.”

So, what can fans expect to find in Gifford’s Dough Your Job quarts? Chocolate caramel footballs and cookie dough team up on a heavy fudge striped field of vanilla ice cream. The package honors the spirit of the team with the phrase: “Do Your Job means going all out and finding a way to win.” It also lets ice cream lovers know that, “Dough Your Job means cleaning out the entire quart.”

When asked what’s behind the new flavor name, JC Gifford, vice president of sales and fifth generation ice cream maker, said: “On any given Sunday, you can hear the Patriots legendary head coach and quarterback uttering these simple words, ‘Do Your Job.’ It’s become a team saying, and it’s all about staying focused on hard work, preparation, and the attention to detail needed to win. We believe the same at Gifford’s.”

“Like the Pats, we have deep New England roots, a commitment to excellence, a traditional New England work ethic and a team-first attitude. We are passionate about all we do and are committed to making the best ice cream,” he continued. “That’s why we make our ice cream the way we do. Each flavor starts with recipes from our family playbook, and quality ingredients, blended and mixed to perfection and then slow churned in our vintage cherry Burrell ice cream freezers to create the creamiest ice cream possible.”

Ice Cream Tailgate: Crush the Quart

Fans at the August 29th preseason home game were treated to the first taste of the new Dough Your Job flavor during a pre-game tailgate party called, “Crush the Quart.” Patriots alumni Scott Zolak and Matt Chatham joined Gifford’s and acted as coaches for Crush the Quart teams. The coaches helped their teams dig deep and gave advice on how they could best “Dough Your Job” and finish their quarts first. Winners received prizes ranging from free ice cream to New England Patriots home game tickets.

“Who doesn’t love crushing a quart of delicious ice cream,” chuckled Gifford.  “We hope crushing a quart of Dough Your Job becomes a fan favorite activity during any Patriots game, and we expect it to be a long season.”

For anyone who wants to crush the quart, Dough Your Job will be available for fans to purchase at Gillette Stadium, and it will be rolling into grocery stores throughout New England after Labor Day. Patriots fans will also be able to find Dough Your Job at a variety of local independent grocery stores and scoop stands throughout the region. The flavor will be available at the Gifford’s five family-owned ice cream stands in Maine on Aug. 30th.

About Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream

Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream, world-class ice cream from a small town in Maine, is a fifth-generation, family-owned company that sources its fresh milk and cream exclusively from independent family farms and uses antique Cherry Burrell freezers to slow churn the most delicious, creamiest ice cream possible. The company has earned numerous international and national “First Place” and “World’s Best” awards for its premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sherbet. Gifford’s sells its ice cream from Maine to North Carolina and in select states as far west as Illinois. In Maine, Gifford’s has five famous ice cream stands. For more information visit Follow Gifford’s Ice Cream on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are a six-time Super Bowl champion franchise in the National Football League (NFL). Founded in 1960 as the eighth and final American Football League franchise in the league’s inaugural season, the Patriots merged with the NFL in 1970 and moved to Foxborough, Mass. in 1971. In 1994, Robert Kraft purchased the team and transformed it into one of the league’s premier franchises. Since Kraft’s arrival, every Patriots home game has sold out, propelling the Patriots to more overall wins, division titles, conference crowns and Super Bowl championships than any other team in the past 25 years. Since 2002, when the Patriots moved into the privately-financed Gillette Stadium, the team has celebrated one of the most dominant eras in professional sports by establishing one of the greatest home-field records of all-time. For more information, visit or follow @Patriots on Twitter.