Gifford’s Hot Chocolate

Made with our: Toasted Coconut

Our kids beg for hot chocolate as soon as the first snowflake falls until the last snow bank melts. Here in Maine, that’s about seven months of the year. For an extra special treat, or to turn your cocoa mug into a true dessert, try a Gifford’s hot chocolate special! Just take your steaming mug of hot chocolate and scoop a heaping dollop of Gifford’s ice cream into it! Any flavor will do! But here are some favorites in my house.

Prep time: 5 minutes


  • generous scoop of your favorite flavor of Gifford’s ice cream
  • hot chocolate
  • cinnamon or cocoa
  • whipped cream


The Hot Hawaiian Cocoa
I bet it’s safe to say that we drink more hot cocoa here in Maine than they do in Hawaii. Treat yourself to a vacation in between shoveling the stairs and the driveway with a Hot Chocolate & Toasted Coconut.

Hot Chocolate Squared
What is better than chocolate? More chocolate. Have a hot cocoa & World’s Best Chocolate. Redundant never. Decadent yes.

Coffee Break at the Campfire
Tent up? Logs split? Food hung from a tree out of reach of bears? I think you deserve a coffee break. Hot Chocolate & Camp Coffee.

The Classic
A quintessential mugful that’s a favorite for everyone. Hot Chocolate & Gifford’s Old Fashioned Vanilla.

Have one right now, you deserve it! Don’t forget the whipped cream. Jimmies never hurt either.

Recipe by: Catlin Byers