Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Yogurt Parfaits

One of the best things about summer is Ice Cream!  If you really want to take things up a notch make a special treat using our Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Yogurt.

Serves: 4
Prep time: 25 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Total time: 40 minutes


1 Quart Gifford’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Yogurt

For the Black Raspberry Sauce
5 oz. frozen Blackberries (a little over 1 cup)
9 oz. frozen Red Raspberries (2 cups)
¼ cup granulated sugar
½ tsp. lemon juice

For the Whipped Cream
1 cup full fat heavy cream
¼ cup granulated sugar
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract


To make the sauce:
Combine berries and granulated sugar in a medium saucepan.
Cook over medium-high heat until berries are defrosted and mixture starts to boil.
Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes.
Remove saucepan from heat and mash the berries with a potato masher or fork.
Transfer berry mixture to a fine sieve placed over a steady bowl.
Use a large spoon to push the berry puree against the sides of the sieve to release the juices from the seeds. Then take a spatula and scrape the bottom of the sieve to remove the seedless puree and combine in the bowl.
Continue this process until you are left with 1 cup of seedless black raspberry sauce.
Add the lemon juice to the sauce and refrigerate until ready to use.

To make the whipped cream:
Place the heavy cream in the bowl of a stand mixer.
Begin whipping with a whisk attachment on low.
Gradually add in the granulated sugar and then the vanilla extract.
Turn mixer on high and beat the cream just until stiff peaks form.
Refrigerate until ready to use.

To assemble:
In a tall glass place a small scoop of Gifford’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Yogurt.
Spoon 1 Tbsp. of Black Raspberry Sauce over the yogurt.
Place a dollop of whipped cream over  the sauce.
Repeat two more times or until glass is full.
Garnish parfait with fresh berries and enjoy!

**Black Raspberry Sauce can be kept for a week in the refrigerator; Fresh Whipped Cream for a few days.

Recipe by: Cathy Speronis of A Tasty Adventure